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Foxy Grandpa Shows the Boys Up-to-Date Sports

Two boys participate in and more importantly challange their Grandfather to different sports. Routinely, Foxy Grandpa not only meets their challenges but far surpasses them. Published by M.A. Donohue & Co. of Chicago in 1908.

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Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs. is a twenty six page domestic comedy that portrays the humorous relationship between the two main characters, Mr. (Joe Green) and Mrs. (Vi) and their young son Roscoe. The comic was written by Clare Briggs and first appeared in 1919 in New York, where it was published by The New York Herald and was dispersed across the city. This sitcom ran with other popular comics of similar material such as "Keeping Up With the Joneses" and "The Bungle Family." The comics portray the couples' problems and disagreements in a comical way that kept the reading audience entertained and intrigued. 

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Charlie Chaplin's Comic Capers's_comic_capers_01.jpg

Charlie Chaplin’s Comic Capers by E.C. Segar (Elzie Crisler) was published in 1917 in Chicago, Illinois through M.A. Donohue & Co. Publishing. Prior to being published in a bound comic book, “Charlie Chaplin’s Comedy Capers” was a comic run in the Chicago Herald throughout 1915 and 1916 by a couple different artists including E.C. Segar. Originally the comic was inspired by the various roles taken on by the film star and comedian Charlie Chaplin himself. In 1916, Chaplin starred in twelve two-reel comedies that included “The Floorwalker,” “The Fireman,” “The Vagabond,” “One A.M.,” “The Count,” “The Pawnshop,” “Behind the Screen,” “The Rink,” “Easy Street,” “The Cure,” “The Immigrant,” and “The Adventurer." Chaplin's ability to fill a variety of roles on set is reflected in the comics as he goes from being a farmer to a doctor to a soldier throughout the course of the comic series. 

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