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Buster Brown, Mary Jane, and Tige

Richard Felton Outcault’s Buster Brown, Mary Jane, and Tige was published in 1906 by New York: Frederick A. Strokes. Published in the Era of Invention, this particular comic book follows Buster Brown and his comrades on various adventures of the early 1900’s. Outcault first published the Buster Brown series in 1906 and continued to create new strips up until 1921. Buster Brown, Mary Jane and Tige is a 32-page comic book with color illustrations.

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Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs. is a twenty six page domestic comedy that portrays the humorous relationship between the two main characters, Mr. (Joe Green) and Mrs. (Vi) and their young son Roscoe. The comic was written by Clare Briggs and first appeared in 1919 in New York, where it was published by The New York Herald and was dispersed across the city. This sitcom ran with other popular comics of similar material such as "Keeping Up With the Joneses" and "The Bungle Family." The comics portray the couples' problems and disagreements in a comical way that kept the reading audience entertained and intrigued. 

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