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Visualizing Comics: A Metadata Approach to Critical Analysis

Created by Amy. Last updated on 5/3/2018 Why Visualize? There’s something paradoxical about archives, databases, and other collections. They are often filled with valuable information, but, at same time, they are plagued with various silences that fail to represent complexity that is the human experience. This problem of archival silence is a difficult one to fix, however, digital humanities is in a unique spot to open the tool kit and address these shortcomings (Klein 2013, 662). Images … Read More

The Trouble with Words: Word Analyses through Data Visualization

Created by Cassidy. Last Updated on May 3, 2017. Word Analysis in DH When thinking about comic books, one’s first inclination is not to picture graphs, charts, or word maps. Yet, data visualizations can be incredibly useful when it comes to analyzing the textual information in the comic books. When we decided to collect data on Michigan State University’s comic collection — a corpus of over 250,000 items, which were narrowed down to just over nine hundred items before 1938, … Read More

Geographies of the Text: Mapping and Annotation

Created by Karah and Nicole. Last Updated May 3, 2017. Maps are everywhere. They are plastered on classroom walls, displayed at kiosks in the mall, and give us directions through apps on our mobile devices. We consume maps on a daily basis, and they are wonderful tools to help us get where we want to go, study world geography, and even comprehend voting patterns in an election. But maps are much more complicated than they first appear. Often, the decisions that go into creating the maps are … Read More

Data Visualization & Critical Theory - 2 Experiments

Created by Anne. Last edited on May 3, 2017. Data Visualization & Critical Theory “There's something almost quite magical about visual information. It's effortless, it literally pours in.” (David McCandless) The idea that data visualizations need to be intuitive and yield immediate insights is widespread and illustrated by David McCandless' quote above. Taken from his Ted Talk titled “The beauty of data visualization“ from August 2010, it not only corresponds to … Read More